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Rename default posts post-type

WordPress provides you ability to add custom post types and its a great feature..but sometimes for a single small website.. well requirements are not big.. and you really don’t need current default “posts” post-type… and instead of creating new post-type you can just simply rename it with your new required post-type name.. Following is the good example of that.



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Force SSL on WordPress

I was working on a project for a client. He wanted to install SSL I did it and enabled it on WordPress with WordPress https plugin. But client also wanted force SSL on all pages.. so by searching hard I found a solution and below it is..!!


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Remove query strings from static resources

Are you optimizing your website for fast loading? You will find few errors regarding query strings attached to static resources like attached image. Following code will remove those query strings!

Let me know in comment if this helps you.

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Add navigation to your custom post type.

While working on this website itself I needed a solution to add navigation to my custom post types.. and following is the solution for that

Let me know if this helps you.

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How to register and add a custom sidebar to theme.

Sidebars and widgets are most powerful things in WordPress. You can manage your content easily with them. You can create your own sidebars easily with just adding few lines of code in functions.php.  You can give it any name and description and you can place it anywhere in your theme.


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